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Prabhat Co-Operative Thrift & Credit Society Ltd.

Prabhat co-operative Thrift & Credit Society was established in the year 2003 with its major aim to provide economic & social help. Truly, being a co-operative society it was incorporated with the mission to uplift the weaker sections of the society.

The Society Was Established In 2003. The Main Objective Of The Committee Is To Promote The Habit Of Savings Of The Members And To Give Credit To The Members For Useful Purposes With The Ultimate Objective Of Improving The Standard Of Living Of The Members. The Society Is Making Continuous Progress And Offers To Meet The Expectations Of The Members, Which Is In Line With The Co-Operative Tradition And Spirit. The Society Is Registered Under The Delhi-State Co-operative Societies Act 1973.

Prabhat co-operative society

PRABHATWho are we owned by

We are owned by our members. Our profits are returned to members through better rates and fees and our investments are used to create positive social and environmental change.

Society for every need

Transforming The Lives Of Millions Of Informal Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises In India And Creating A Positive Impact Through Sustainable Financing Solutions.

Member of the heart

To engage and understand the members needs, provide best-in-class services, be responsive and quick in resolving queries - resulting in true members delight & peace of mind.

We’re here to benefit you

Prabhat co-operative society is the society for people who believe in a fair and just world. We work with our members to use your money as a force for good.

Clean Money

The money in your account is used by society to make loans and investments - to all members that say uses that amount as they want. So you ultimately shapes the world we live in.

Our Purposes

To inspire and empower our members to use their money to create a world where people and the planet thrive.

Social Responsibility

Prabhat co-operative society is deeply engaged in human and economic development at the state level. We are largely focused in the areas of education, health and sustainable livelihoods.

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Prabhat co-operative society's Aim is to create a habit of savings for our members future needs and make them financially strong

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