Highest interest on fixed deposit

Up to 12% Interest on FD

Our Fixed Deposits provide you greater earnings and assured returns along with the flexibility of maintaining your funds.

  • Need funds for emergencies? Get loan against FD.
  • You can avail Fixed Deposits for a minimum deposit of ₹1000.
  • Assured returns on your investment.
  • Enjoy the magic of compounding as interest earned gets reinvested

In these times of uncertain returns, fixed deposits have become the most preferred investment instruments for planning a financially worry-free future for the family. Which is why Prabhat co-operative society’s Fixed Deposit scheme has been specially designed to assure you of guaranteed returns at highly competitive interest rates with this zero-risk investment.

Amount12 Months @10%24 Months @11%36 Months@12%74 Months@12%

  • The applicant must be a member of the Society
  • For Society membership related information
  • Rs. 5000/- and further in multiple of Rs. 500/-
  • Dual Nomination Facility Available.
  • Premature Payment guideline shall be applicable as per Society's Terms & Condition.
  • No TDS is applicable on the interest earned on deposits.
  • Offers higher interest rates than mainstream banks.
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